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About FSM MAnagement

 FSM Management is a full service social media marketing and management agency, like no other. FSM Management team houses the youngest and most creative individuals in the social media marketing and management space. Our team will work one-on-one with your business to develop creative and cost affective marketing campaigns. These campaigns will stand out from your competition, attracting both current and future customers!


FSM Management was contact by Facebook and given access to Facebook's marketing team. The marketing team at Facebook has become a huge asset to us as we have weekly meetings to look over all our current ad campaigns, ensuring max performance. Every time we acquire a new client, we hold a meeting with the marketing team at Facebook to brainstorm ideas to develop the perfect starting ad campaign.


Featured Client

We began working with Christian Brooks a little over a year ago. When we began Christian had a following around 4,000 people. (No value). Today Christian has a following of 23,000 plus on Instagram alone.


Companies and/ or Brands usually put a Monetary Value on a Social Media account in two ways:

-One post or ad cost 10% of current following.

-Companies will pay per 1000 impressions. (More Popular Evaluation)

-On Average companies pay $8-$12 per 1000 impressions.



-Christian account does (55,000-100,000) impressions per week.

-Valuing Christians account in available ad space at ($22,880 -$62,400) per year.

Value Break Down