• Jon May

Why Social Media is F**K'd for Brick & Mortar Business's

This blog is long over due... here's the truth about social media marketing and digital advertising from a Digital Marketing Agency Owner perspective.


Social media is meant to be social, social for people. Social media was not built with businesses in mind. SOCIAL is the key word here, being social requires interaction. NO ONE IN THERE RIGHT F**CKING MIND interacts with a business. A business is not a person, a business does not have a personality. Unless you have a representing face or personality for your business your wasting your time and money paying some middled age "SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERT" each month to flood your business's social media pages with worthless content. Every business owner "Oh well this doesn't apply too my business because we have 5,000 followers" HAHAHAHAHA.

Social media FOLLOWING doesn't mean DICK! Following is a number, a number that can be easily manipulated. What really matters is your engagement, and no not the fucking bots that your "Social Media Expert" spends $10 a month on to cover up the fact he has no idea on wtf he is doing. And engagement as a Brick & Mortar business doesn't come easy or for free.

Look at the end of the day if your a brick & mortar business you're wasting you time and money if you are justing paying some "social media expert" to do organic shit. HAHAHA do you know what organic social media work entails... it entails posting fucking pictures and coming up with captions. Dude my fucking grandma does that so does make her a social media expert?

Long story short if you don't have the balls or the funds as a business to start running ads on social media thens there's really no point of being on social media in the first place.

I gauge considering myself a social media expert, I consider myself and our team at FSM Management EXPERTS on Sales Driven PAID Advertising. Our only objective at FSM is to create sales for our clients. Every penny our clients spend with us is trackable and reported as an ROI. No Bullshit we have been producing consistent 7/1 -10/1 returns for all our clients and to prove that to you we offer any new client our services for free for the first month. If we don't produce TELL US TO FUCK OFF.

I may come off strong in this blog but look there are so many business owner's being absolutely FUCKED by this middled age dorks that might know social media but don't know dick about making money.

I guess the best way to put it is that when you hire FSM your not hiring a social media or digital marketing team. Your hiring a group of BADASS salesman, that happened to be professionals in the digital space.


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